Session 2

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July 30 to August 19 (Schedule)

Type Course
Major A
(3 credits)
Basic KoreanDescription
Intermediate KoreanDescription
Advanced KoreanDescription
Major B(2 credits)



Korean Studies
(Korean Culture & Society –  Lecture
5 Times(15hours) + All 10 Cultural Events)

*All courses are conducted in English

*Intermediate/Advanced Korean classes would be merged in case of the lack of the attendees.

*For the time table (Tentative) please go to ‘Schedule’ page

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Korean Lounge(4월) (3)

Have your own Korean tutor at CAU!

CAU Korean Lounge is where you can practice your Korean Language with a local CAU student!

12 times for Session 1

9 times for Session 2

*The specific timetable will be announced on orientation day.