Give me a high-five! – Touch the World, the program theme


an amazing experience”

This International Summer Program was an amazing experience. I was everything I was expecting and at the time even more. I want to start by congratulating the GLAMs on the amazing job they did, they always answered our questions during the whole day, they showed us places around and were willing to try and understand some of our horrific Korean skills. An honest very good job to them.

Jose Carlos Simoes Cordeiro

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“My family more than friends”

First, it is a place that is filled with love, the harmony which is akin to my home. The most memorable things to me were that we greeted each other in the early morning and late at night. I could not do ‘high-five’ in China and that makes me feel like you buddies are my family more than friends.

Second, I really appreciate your responsibility and principle. Glams, as well as managers, have put great effort into the program. Without your company, we would not have such a brilliant experience in Seoul. Thank you for the big meal and ice-breaking and farewell ceremonies where I made a lot of friends. Thank you for the 14 days of care and company.

Thirdly, not only students in CAU but also people in Seoul are helpful and have great courtesy. It is common to bow to someone like before getting into the elevator or giving you the things. I would like to live in a world filled with respect like CAU set up for us.

Last but not least, I would like to mention that the course and CKEP have had a great impact on me. I have been interested in South Korea TV dramas and the language course makes my dream come true. When I talk to Korea with my friends, a sense of achievement and happiness come to me.

In conclusion, I don’t think I could express all feelings about CAU. However, I assure that when I tell this wonderful story to my friends, I, absolutely feel like  I am introducing my home to someone else. If I have some rest time in the future, I am desperate to go back to CAU again and meet you guys one more time. Finally, I miss you friends so much and I am longing to see you again somewhere in the world. And welcome to Beijing, I am always here waiting for you guys.

Gary (Kaiyuan Gan) – Winter Program 2019 Participant

“great Korean courses”

For the purpose of practicing my Korean speaking and writing, I went to Korea this summer vacation. It is really my pleasure to come to Chung-Ang University to take part in the summer program. In the program, it provides us with great Korean courses

Yi Fang Lee


“I already miss living here”

I love Seoul and I cannot wait to come back. I already miss living here. I thank everyone so much for all of their effort and dedication to make this experience possible for me as a student. I will miss everyone very much!

Elizabeth An Lee


“Everything about IWP in CAU was beyond my expectation.”

I really love how Jeff  always helping me since I was applying for the program. Everything about the program was really well structured and well thought about every activities.

Even after arriving in Seoul, I felt like GLAMs and all the staff from IO was really helpful and worked hard for the program goes well.

GLAMs, Jihye, Jeff and Sharnelle were really welcoming and really kind. They were also really professional and it really showed through the program.

I really love my experience in Seoul with IWP from CAU.  I think its really worth it for people who wants to learn new culture, and meeting new people from around the world.