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June 24 ~ July 21 (Schedule), Major A+B = 6 Credits

Click here for Session 2 (July 30 – August 19)

*Students taking part in session 1 of CAU Summer will be able to recieve 6 credits-3 from major A and 3 from major B. You will choose 1 course credit among Major A courses. As for the Major B course – Major B simply consists of 5 special lectures (3hours*5times) along with multiple cultural activities.

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TechnologyNanotechnology in Everyday Life Description
BusinessLogistics and Economic developmentDescription
BusinessIntegrated Marketing Communication (IMC)Description
International RelationsUnderstanding International Relations: Issues, Controversies, and PerspectivesDescription
Software EngineeringContent Planning and Development
(*Laptop required)
Media New Media and SocietyDescription
Korean LanguageElementary KoreanDescription
Korean LanguageIntermediate KoreanDescription
Korean LanguageAdvanced KoreanDescription

*Courses, professors are subject to change

*All courses are conducted in English

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Major B (5 lectures + CKEP, Cultural Activities) Description / Description(Special Lectures)

Music of Korea
Arts of Korea
Korea Economy
Korean Beauty (updated)
Korean Pop Culture

*Along with CKEP (CAU Korean Exploration Program)

*All courses and CKEPs are conducted in English and subject to change

*For the time table (Tentative) please go to ‘Schedule’ page

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*Courses are subject to change.


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Korean Lounge(4월) (3)

Have your own Korean tutor at CAU!

CAU Korean Lounge is where you can practice your Korean Language with a local CAU student!

12 times for Session 1

9 times for Session 2

*The specific timetable will be announced on orientation day.